Ken & Mary Eldreds’ Tri-Tip BBQ

IT’S TIME TO RSVP!  Recently, Ken and Mary, friends of America’s Veterans invited us – ALL OF US, and a guest – to a Tri-Tip BarBQ.  Trying to stay ahead of this so they can plan on getting one steer or two to feed us.

We can assist by bringing a side dish…Mac and Cheese, baked beans, green salad or dinner rolls.  Mary is taking care of the potatoes for a well-rounded meal.  Plenty of picnic tables, but you might want to bring your favorite camp folding chair and a cooler with your preferred beverages.

So if you’re planning on attending, RSVP by Friday, 7 April.  They will host us at their ranch home in the south hills off Hagg Lake about 7 miles west from Hwy 47, on Saturday, April 15 at 1600…address is 54000 SW Hankins Rd, Gaston.  






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