Toys4Tots collects more toys than ever

The Detachment’s 2022 Toys 4 Tots Drive collected more than 2,000 toys than the previous year. By the end of the drive, the Detachment accounted more than 1/3 of the States total, collecting 11,038 toys and $420.

Bob Topping (right) picks up toys for the annual Toys for Tots drive.  Bob alone has collected more than 25 bags of toys from about 15 boxes, equaling more than 700 toys! 

Toys for Tots Coordinator Terry Welter (bottom) collected over 525 toys, including two bicycles, at the Taste of Motor Rally sponsored by Bob Lanphere’s Auto Group.

Toys were also collected by the Detachment from Heckmann & Thieman Motors (top left).






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