Never Forget

Fellow Marines and Sailors,

9/11…Like all of you, it’s a somber day for me.  Like me, I suppose you remember where you were on that fateful morning.  I was at work in Beaverton preparing for a 0630 superintendents’ safety meeting, when my boss came running in … ”Just heard a plane hit one of the WTC twin towers …,” WTF!!!  It didn’t take long before we knew it was no accident.  As more folks came into the building, everyone yelling, “Did you hear…?”.  We quickly realized our country was attacked by terrorists.  Our country and world were changed forever that morning.

The accounts of heroism on that day were countless, when many made the ultimate sacrifice assisting others…not the least of which were 343 FDNY Fire Fighters and 23 NYPD Officers.  Many of the near 2500 Citizens took up the call as well…save others.  2900 died that day…since then the death toll has nearly doubled from related 9/11 Related Illnesses.

In short order, we all knew we were now a nation at war and thousands answered the call…several of which are on our roster.  Near 2500 made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and thousands more wounded…severe burns and loss of limbs were commonplace, changing lives forever.  Our men and women in uniform fought valiantly in a 20-year war, for a worthy cause in very tough environments and conditions.  We support those Vets that struggle with injuries and are still adjusting in many ways.  We always Salute and Honor their service!

Damn I was pissed 22 years ago!  And still am today…don’t think I’m alone in that!  So why am I going down this road you’re all so familiar with?  Simply, it’s been over two decades since 9/11…an entire generation has grown since that day.  They didn’t experience the shock, anger, fear, confusion, uncertainty, folks stranded where they didn’t live, the unfamiliar quiet across the country.  Good they didn’t, but they need to hear the story…like we had to learn about Pearl Harbor before most of us were born or can remember.  Sadly, some older folks have put it all behind them as well…they need to be kicked in the butt.  To remember, honor and salute the fallen…preserve their memory and NEVER…EVER…FORGET!

The link below is just one story of many…a Vietnam Veteran who served gallantly during that war…only to do so again near forty years later.

Semper Fi!

Col. Al Arguedas, retired, MCL USS Oregon #470






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