USS Oregon hosts book signing

Becky Ellis, who is a Timberwolf Pup, read from her new book “Little Avalanches,” a memoir about her father, a highly decorated World War II combat sergeant of the famed Pacific Northwest Timberwolf 104th Infantry Division.

It details her story about growing up in the shadow of her father’s PTSD, yearning to know his demons but knowing better than to ask.  She began by sharing that it is hard for her to stand up and talk about her father and her book but that she believes it important to talk about PTSD and its many nuances. She said her hope is to help veterans, their families and civilians better understand the impacts of war, calling her book both a window and a mirror.  A window for civilians to see the ravages and the toll that war takes on our veterans and a mirror for veterans to see that they are not alone in dealing with PTSD.

After the reading, she hosted a Q&A session and provided signed copies of her book to Detachment members. Little Avalanches can be found on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.






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